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Utah is a state that has so many natural wonders that you could spend a month here and not see all of the natural wonders.  We at Easy Travel can help you plan your trip to see the best of the best in the time frame that you will have during your visit.  Take a look at some of the various places to visit first and then make your selections.  Easy Travel will setup your reservations and make your trip very enjoyable.
  Arches National Park  



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  Located just north of Moab, Utah  

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Arches National Park is truly nature's wonderland.  It took Mother Nature a million years to carve the mountains that you will see.  I have only shown a few of the many arches that you will find in the park.  You can quickly see this park in one day but you will only be able to stop at those places where you can get to the arch quickly.  The most beautiful arches will take hours to get to and you can only get to them by foot.  There is one location that is a 7 mile round trip hike.  Make sure you bring water, a walking stick and some good walking shoes but also shoes where you will be able to walk up the sides and on top of huge rocks.  The picture at the very top is a 3 mile round trip hike.  I would call most of these medium to strenuous walks.  If you can not walk very well but you still want to see these beauties then walk slow and easy and stop and rest whenever you need to.  There are no refreshment stands or buildings on these trails.  You can stop and rest anywhere along these trails and I suggest you do so and not push yourself to exhaustion.  I don't want to scare you from taking these walks but I do want to make you aware that you need to bring water with you and take your time walking.  Never rush when you are hiking in mountainous terrains.  The idea of taking these hikes is to enjoy nature and your surroundings because you will not find these areas anywhere else.  You need to experience nature, the clean air and the beauty and serene peacefulness of your surroundings.

Give yourself 7 to 8 hours to walk the 7 mile round trip, unless you are very young and you are use to walking in the mountains.  You can come back the next day to see the other wonders.  No need to rush yourself through the park.

For the 3 mile walk, give yourself about 3 to 4 hours.  You can also visit the easier parts of the park before or after you visit the 3 mile walk.

Three days in Arches National Park will give you a good feeling for the beauty but you can spend more time in this park if you feel you want to see every square inch of it...  It is that beautiful but leave yourself some time to see some of the other wonders that are just to the north of this park located in CanyonLands National Park


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